Welcome To Derby City Cleaning!


Why spend hundreds of dollars on a “deep clean”, when all you really need is simply straightening up and the basics cleaned?
No time for cleaning?  Not interested in spending hundreds of dollars to have someone in your home half of the day “Deep Cleaning”? Especially when you just are not that dirty.Our Housekeepers will come to your home, office, apartment, RV, boat… And get your place looking good and smelling good, in an hour or less, for only $60!

*QUALITY CLEANING –  Highly trained and qualified cleaners* Housekeepers clean all designated areas * Time tested cleaning procedures * Eco-green cleaning products available



*PROFESSIONAL SERVICES –  Certified and trustworthy cleaners * Hard working and honest cleaners * Pet friendly and safety first minded cleaners * Dependable and motivated cleaners


*AFFORDABLE PRICES –  Reasonable prices for each cleaning * Efficient cleaning procedures used * Less cleaning time equals savings * After 5 paid cleanings get one free

For all those times you don’t want to clean up, don’t have time to clean up, or simply know that you can get it done faster and cheaper, than it will happen by you procrastinating and the mess only getting worse.


It’s not uncommon at all to say to ones self that, “All I really need is to have the mess picked up!’  Or perhaps the carpets vacuumed, the floors mopped, maybe dishes done and trash thrown out.


Our Housekeepers are there for you and more than ready to help and not eat up your day while doing so. You may not always need or want, deep cleaning and time may be a major factor such as; unexpected guess that will be there in hours.  An unexpected, emergency or last minute visitor, who you just found out you’ll be hosting.  Perhaps you work on call, work two jobs, the kids are on the move and the mess all day…


There are tons of any given reasons that a person may need quick, responsive tidying up around their work and / or living space.  And getting the funk out and presenting an ambient aroma of freshness, pleasantness and visual delight.  Is only $60 and often less than an hour away!!


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